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Client Feature: Peggy Mann - Singer/Songwriter

I have the distinct pleasure of calling Grand County’s local celebrity, Peggy Mann, a dear friend. Peggy is a singer / songwriter of the highest caliber - winning Grand County’s “Best of” Award for the last 4 years running, and I’ll tell you why.

Anyone who attends Peggy’s concerts, or listens to her music, has the eerie experience of feeling that Peggy has written her songs about their life! Including me!

I remember sitting in the audience at my first few Peggy Mann concerts, tears streaming down my face, wondering how in the world she knew so much about my life!

That is the beauty and magic of Peggy’s work. She moves people and connects with people by relating at the deepest level with her audience – through their hearts. Like the famous lyrics of "Killing me Softly" says:

She was strumming my pain with her fingers, Singing my life with her words.

Peggy first became a client when we worked together on her Christmas CD jacket. We worked together again on her original CD, “Don’t Waste Time”, that features all her original songs. [The jacket contains all the lyrics to each of her songs.] If you are not familiar with Peggy's music, this is the CD to buy as it is a beautiful window into Peggy Mann’s soul.

I am proud of the work I did for Peggy and I’m delighted to share it with you and to provide an option to purchase either CD directly from Peggy (I’m sure she will autograph it if you ask her nicely).

To purchase any of her CDs, or to book her for a House Concert or Venue, send an email by clicking here.

For more information on Peggy’s Graphic Design CD jacket project or for information on your own project. Contact me.

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